Student Resources

Resource Links

Gain access to career links that address topics such as: Choosing a Major, Landing an Internship, Networking and Successfully Navigating a Career Fair.

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Career Counseling

Address barriers which may be inhibiting you from pursuing a particular career. Barriers can include life situations, family considerations, self-esteem, and self-efficacy, as well as economic issues. Short-term counseling is available for these types of problems. The Career Counselor will assist you with identifying the problem, developing an action plan and becoming a point of contact for follow up visits and reevaluation.

Resume and Cover Letter Review

A resume and cover letter are the first place to make a positive impression on the company or graduate school you are applying to. Take advantage of the vast expertise in the career center as they help you revise and organize your cover letter and resume.

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Mock Interviews

Prepares students for their interviews by asking them similar questions in a controlled environment.

Graduate School

Receive information needed to apply to grad school, including a detailed time line. We can also give you advice on how to choose a graduate program, and whether or not graduate school is for you.

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