Job Search

Job Search Tips

A checklist for your job searching plan, brought to you by Dixie State University Career Services.

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Email Etiquette

Tips for good email responses to make a good impression in your job searching adventure.

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Salary Negotiations

How to negotiate your first salary or ask for a raise in your current job.  Earn what you deserve!

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Grad's Guide to
Getting Hired

Well before graduation, a student should take the following measures to build an effective package for employers that include a professional resume, job network, references, online presence and skills portfolio.

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in College

Networking begins the moment a student walks onto the campus. From greeting that new roommate to saying hello to the academic advisor, each new interaction offers a wealth of possibility.

College Networking Guide


What To Expect
In An Internship

Want to stand out as an intern?  Do your research, understand your internship, and learn what to expect.  Everyone on this path can enjoy several key benefits.

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Landing a Successful Internship

From hands-on experience to networking, internships offer students experiences they often will not find in the classroom. The following list includes some of the reasons why internships are beneficial to students, and a great way to get a head start on a career path.

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Volunteer/Intern Abroad

Unlike domestic internships and volunteer roles, traveling overseas opens participants to new ways of seeing the world and interacting with others – not to mention the opportunity to build new skills and global contacts.

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Graduate School

Grad School Checklist

Overwhelmed by graduate school requirements? This checklist will make sure you are on track.

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Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a chance for the admissions committee to get to know you! Make sure it is done right.

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Writing Your CV

What is the difference between a CV and a resume? Click here to help you create a Curriculum Vitae that will help you stand out against the competition

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Grad School Glossary

Need help navigating graduate school acronyms and vocabulary? This list will give you common terms and information.

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the GRE

Learn about, register for, or prepare for your upcoming GRE test.  Choose from specializations (business, law), or general tests.

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Comparison Chart

Many factors go into your graduate school journey. This chart will help you compare programs to help you make the right decision.

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Tips for Low GPAs

Worried about your GPA? This guide will give you tips to improve your chances of being accepted into graduate school.

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