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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for COOP?

Apply through Handshake. If you meet the prerequisites you will then be registered for the course and notified by email.

Do I have to have a job?

Yes, you must have a job before you apply for COOP.

Can I work for myself and take COOP?

No, you need to have an employer in order to take COOP.

When does my job need to relate to my major?

First Time Second Time Third Time Fourth Time
Freshmen X X
Sophamore X X
Junior X X X X
Senior X X X X

What class work will I be required to do for COOP?

There are 2 learning objectives per credit, 1 project, and meet with your instructor through out the semester, and a reflection piece at the end.

When is the last date I can apply for COOP?

You can register as late as the last day to register. However, you must be able to get the required accumulative hours for the credits you are taking.

How much do I need to work each week?

1 Credit = 5 hours per week
2 Credits = 10 hours per week
3 Credits = 15 hours per week

Can I drop credits if I decide I can’t get enough hours?

Yes, you can decrease your credits.

What if the class fills?

We generally can accommodate as many students as would like to take the course.

How many times can I take COOP?

You can take it up to 4 times. The 3rd and 4th times you take COOP your job must be related to your major.

Which would be better for me to take if I am a Junior or Senior, COOP or an internship credit class?

You should take the internship credits, since they are upper level credits.