Career Services prepares Dixie State University students and alumni to begin successful and fulfilling careers by providing comprehensive career development and helping them build their professional network.

Display image of Ali Threet

Ali Threet

Executive Director of Career Services & Student Success

Majors: Health Sciences

Assesments: STRONG Assessment Certified

Phone: 435-879-4469
Office: Holland 516

Display image of Shane Blocker

Shane Blocker

Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Internships

Majors: STEM

Phone: 435-879-4737
Office: Holland 520

Display image of Andrew Skaggs

Andrew Skaggs

Career Coach

Majors: Art, Theater, Dance, History, Foreign Language, Music, Criminal Justice, and Education

Assessments: STRENGTHSFINDER Assessment Interpreter

Phone: 435-652-7669
Office: Holland 519

Display image of Rochelle Blatter

Rochelle Blatter

Career Coach

Majors: Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Information Systems & Analytics

Assessments: Careerleader Assessment and STRENGTHSFINDER Assessment Interpreter

Phone: 435-879-4685
Office: Holland 518

Display image of Cheryl Brandt

Cheryl Brandt

Student Employment Specialist

Phone: 435-652-7869
Office: Holland 517

Display image of Gina Gottfredson

Gina Gottfredson

Career Coach

Majors: Communications, Media Studies, English, Psychology, Sociology

Assessments: STRONG Assessment Certified

Phone: 435-652-7901
Office: Holland 521